In the drama monologue, Aftermath, Steven indirectly makes an offer to remove a major obstacle that can negatively impact their successful business.

Steven:  What are we going to do?  I mean, it isn’t like it’s something we can’t handle James.  We’ve been down this road before, haven’t we?


You know, in my opinion, the last time we encountered such hostility we delayed the process much too long.  We could have removed the problem quite rapidly.  We sat and waited hoping and wishing it would go away and it cost us dearly.

I do not wish to go that route again.

This time, I believe I must take matters into my own hands, James.  Of course, once all of us have agreed upon the course of action I wish to take.

If you all leave it to me, I give you my assurance and confidence that the matter will be dealt with in a fastidious manner and no harm will be done in the aftermath.

Joseph Arnone