Against The Negativity

Jesse talks to a co-worker friend she met during her internship and shares how challenging it can be to make it out of her neighborhood.

JESSE:  There’s a lot of people out there that want to see me fail.  A lot of haters out there because of where I come from.  Trying to make it out of my neighborhood is a big deal and lots of people don’t want to see me succeed because in some ways it reflects on their own success and failures.

But you know something?  I have too much passion in my heart.  I have too much love in my soul and the people that do believe in me, I do it for them.  The last thing I ever want to do, is let my loved ones down.  Whenever I think about giving up, I see their faces.  My loved ones are my truest inspiration.

I think it really all comes down to wanting to be able to do something worthwhile on this planet before I’m gone.  There’s no greater motivation than that.

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