All I Ever Needed

In All I Ever Needed, Margaret talks to her drunk husband, who eventually falls asleep but she continues talking about the one time he told her he loved her.

Margaret: You will never run out of things to say, will you Fred?  Always firing rounds off your tongue like it’s your last line of defense.  Never stop to wonder what it is I’m ever truly saying to you, just blabbering on about whatever you have your mind set on and blasting your own point of view against anyone who wants to say opposite.

Am I right?  Course I’m not right.  Ain’t right in yo eyes for twenty somewhat years.  You know I have lived twenty years with yo ass but aged forty.  How’s that?  I lean on one side when I walk…that’s from dodging all your zings and zangs you throw at me all this time, in order to avoid the impact.

Don’t you see my organs is all messed up inside?  Everything’s all over the place, it’s a wonder that I’m even breathing still.

Well, like I said before to ya, that’s from keeping things in from ya, all that hate you lash out at me with, when you’re lashed up and I keep things in, all the time, for so long, it’s twisted me up, all my insides gone tight and I feel like I’m a break any one of these days soon…uh-huh…you go on your merry way too, don’t ya?  Like I wasn’t ever even here.  Like I never even mattered.

I wonder sometime to myself, I do…what the heck was I staying around here for anyways…just one mess after the other mess, just a series of mess ups, hold ups and give ups.

You out?  (to herself)  Look at ’em…sleeping like little bo peep…I did love you once, you love me once?  I think there was something on one day as I remember it…oh yeah, you loved me on this one day, I remember it clearly…it’s amazing how one day can make a whole life, ain’t that right?

You looked into my eyes like you wanted to love me, like you needed to love me…we was at Central Park near them canoes and I saw you trying so hard, you was on your best behavior trying to make good by me and we went on that canoe that day and you rowed us all the way out away from all the other canoes and it was quiet, it was sunny, it was perfect and you looked like you wanted to tell me something and couldn’t find the words but your eyes, you kept looking up at me all sheepish like and your eyes were wet with intention and I somehow knew what you was tryin’ to say to me and it was enough for me…that was all I ever needed.

Joseph Arnone


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