All Of A Sudden

In the monologue All of a Sudden, VICKY talks to her boyfriend about how he doesn’t listen when she needs him to really listen.

VICKY:  It’s always gotta reach a peak with you before you get it, before you understand anything I say.  Why is that?  There something wrong with you I don’t know about?  Something you ain’t ever told me about before?  Nows ya chance!  Speak up and lay it on me cause I rather know you’re a little off in the head, cause maybe I can deal with it better for you.


Like talking to a mule.  (beat)  Why do you always have to make me lose it before you all of a sudden miraculously get it.  Like a magical lightbulb gets turned on and anything I say you completely comprehend like you suddenly understand english.  Don’t play that foreigner shit with me, alright?  I’m not as dumb as I sound.

I’m tired of reaching my peak, tired of losing my calm with you.  One day I’m gonna crack you across the head with something and that won’t be good for either of us cause if I do it, I’m really gonna do it.

So, let’s hope this magical understanding lasts long enough for me not to have no heart attack for your ass or anybody else’s ass.

That’s the truth.

Joseph Arnone


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