Am I Worthy?

In Am I Worthy?, Wesley opens up about a special gift he’s been given that he hasn’t yet revealed to the world and contemplates whether or not he ever will.

Wesley:  Not so sure which way to run anymore, man…you want the truth?  I’m not even sure if I’m ready for the truth…you see, I’m all too aware of the truth of myself, this truth of who I really am and what I’m supposed to be doing…it’s like you’ve been given this secret magical pearl placed inside of you and it’s always lit by some higher force and it’s always glowing, you see, but the problem is, you are too scared to show it, not necessarily because you doubt the music it will play, oh no, quite the contrary my friend, quite the contrary…the problem, is that it is hard to trust yourself with such music…

Why was it given to me?  Why am I the one that should deserve this magic to give to others?  (time) Why should I be so special or think I’m special when I’m just a man? What kind of ego does that give me?  I’m a real a-hole right, to imagine that I am worthy of something so beautiful?  I’ve been failing by living in the shadows instead, haven’t I?  I am failing because this thing inside me, whatever it is, that wants to sing so bad…ahhhh, man, it does a number on you…

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