Angel Of God

In Angel of God, Francis talks about a special boy he once saw at a diner that changed his way of thinking forever.

FRANCIS:  I was sitting down at the diner by myself the other day and I caught a crying attack.  I was always aware of the phrase called “laughing attack” but I never knew “crying attacks” existed.

I was about to dig in to a nice big breakfast.  I had my paper, I had my coffee, I was feeling great.  Then I see this family come walking in, a mother, a father, a young boy and they all seem happy.  They sit down right across from me.  Then a moment goes by and I see this little boy come in.  What struck me was the fact that he was wearing those hand crutches.  You know, the ones that get attached to your arms so you won’t lose your balance and you can walk.  This kid must have been about ten years old.  And as he walked closer to his family, I noticed that he was also slightly disfigured.  One of his eyes it appeared he was blind out of and his jaw was shifted over to one side in an unnatural position.

But what amazed me was the strength this little boy showed.  He walked with confidence and authority and…(clears throat)  It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in my life.  This was it in a nutshell, the power of the human spirit, right in front of me, teaching me what existence was all about, in this tiny little fella.  I watched him as he sat down next to his family.  And that’s when I took a closer look at the family.  I looked at the mother and I could see the pain in her face.  I looked at the father and I could see his horror.  I looked at the other boy and I could witness his embarrassment.  But they all had this great love amongst eachother and that was so remarkable to me and special.  I felt blessed to see this.

And I, I just couldn’t stand it.  There are days when I complain and get aggravated about things that happen in my life and here was this young man, proving me to be a fool.  I broke down right there.  I cried as quietly as I could.  I tried my best not to show it in public.  I used my newspaper to hide my face and then I went to the bathroom to try and get a grip of myself.

Whenever I think of my life taking a hard turn, I’m going to think about that little man I was lucky enough to see.  We should all learn from that boy, he was and is an angel of God.

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