Army of Men

In Army of Men, J talks about how deranged he knows he is when it comes to loving someone and the great lengths he will go to in order to protect them.

J: There’s an abnormal side to me…something I’ve always been aware of since I was a child.  Something deeply disturbing…when it comes to loving someone.  When I love someone, they are protected.  You understand?  When someone is in my love circle, that’s it, they are safe because there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do.  Doesn’t matter if it’s the most horrific shit in the world man, I am down and always will be down…you feeling me?  What’s in my heart…there isn’t anything I wouldn’t encounter, challenge, die for when it comes to my loved ones.  I am an army of men.

Other than that…I’m a pretty easy going, chilled out guy.  It’s just that one thing about me…you know in that movie The Godfather, when Sonny gets a call from his sister who was given a beating from her husband and he gets in his car to go after him…when he reaches the tolls, he gets shot to death…well, the insanity I have over someone…I wouldn’t have been stopped if I were Sonny.

I’ve done some things.  Things I will go to my grave with and that’s why there are people that are still walking around fine and they don’t even know.  It was handled. That’s just how it is with me man.

End of story.

Joseph Arnone


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