As Natural As Can Be

In As Natural As Can Be, Dudley talks to his employee Bri about how he copes with his emotions when working on someone who died young.

DUDLEY:  Well, I, don’t really but, I’ve been doing this for over thirty odd years and I can’t say I ever get used to it, cause one never does, but I could say that I’ve grown accustomed to it.

Whenever I work on a young person, my mind instantly goes back to a little girl I once had to work on…she was a blond haired four year old girl who had drowned. That was a difficult one for me. Angela. She’s stayed with me throughout all these years..I oftentimes imagine what kind of life she would have had, would she have gotten married, had children, had a career, all of it…sometimes I feel that if I imagine her life into existence…oh, what’s the sense, really. Tragic. Her death haunts me, but taught me to cope because death is part of life, though some things you never quite get over. I tell myself that if I was able to manage her loss, I could manage anything, so I guess whenever I run into something difficult, like this young man here, she serves as my reference point. Sad, but true.

This is why I always tell you to make something of yourself, whatever it is, as long as you have enough presence in the world, you done good.

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As Natural As Can Be MiniIn this one-act eplay, Dudley owns a funeral parlor and one of his workers Bri begins to have communication with a dead person she once knew.  Drama.  Dark humor.  1 Woman, 2 Men.

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