Ask Her Out

In Ask Her Out, DANIEL talks to her best friend about wanting to take his sister Emma out but fears hurting his friendship.  

DANIEL:  Yo, I gotta talk to you about something man.  We’ve been boys since we were little kids…you’re family to me and that comes first…but, I want to tell you the truth about something because it matters and I want things to stay right between us always.

I like your sister man.  I think she’s beautiful and I like her…not like her in the sense of how we roll with other girls but I care about Emma.  It’s different.  I’m serious about asking her out but I don’t want to hurt our friendship, so it’s kind of awkward for me cause I’m in this weird place but I need to tell you first and make sure we’re good because I want to talk with her and see what’s up.

Are we cool?

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