10 Audition Monologues for Contemporary Artists

10 audition monologues for contemporary artists is a fresh look at some new monologue material you can use for castings and workshops.

10 Audition Monologues for Contemporary Artists

SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT – Grandmother lays down the law to her Granddaughter.

PASSED OUT FROM EXHAUSTION – Marsha talks to her husband about the neglect he is giving his family.

PERFORMANCE – Sarah is having second thoughts about a new hire.

IN YOUR WAY – Teddy lets his brother know how disgusted he is with how e gets treated.

ONE EDGE – Roxy confesses to her friend about the ongoing trouble she’s been having with her boyfriend.

LACK OF CONNECTION – Soys tries to get her mother to understand that they should be closer than they are.

WHAT’S UP BRO, YOU ALRIGHT? – Wesley does his best to hide the fact that he’s been seeing his friend’s girlfriend behind his back.

MORE ROOM FOR SILENCE – In this drama monologue a recently divorced mother of three talks to her friend about how she feels like she has no life.

FOOTSTEPS, ALONG THE PERIMETER OF THE WALL – Cheyenne is sick and tired of her nosy neighbors tuning into her life.

IT’S A LITTLE COLD OUT THERE – Jake yells at his son for not listening to him when he said it’s cold outside.


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