10 Audition Monologues for Contemporary Artists

10 audition monologues for contemporary artists is a fresh look at some new monologue material you can use for castings and workshops.

10 Audition Monologues for Contemporary Artists

  1. Shape Up or Ship Out – GRANDMOTHER sets the record straight for how her Granddaughter has been treating her mother.
  2. Passed Out from Exhaustion – MARSHA talks to her husband about how he isn’t spending enough quality time with her and their children.
  3. Performance – SARAH is a business manager for a social media agency and is told that a new social media analyst isn’t performing as well as they thought she would.
  4. In Your Way – TEDDY tells his older brother what a creep he’s been to him.
  5. One Edge – Roxy talks to her friend about the trouble she has been experiencing with her boyfriend.
  6. Lack of Connection – SOYA talk to her mother about working towards improving their lack of connection in their relationship.
  7. What’s Up Bro, You Alright? – WESLEY tries to comfort his friend over his breakup with his girl even though he is secretly seeing the same girl behind his friends back.
  8. More Room for Silence – In this drama monologue a recently divorced mother of three talks to her dear friend about how she sometimes feels aimless in her life.
  9. Footsteps, Along The Perimeter of the Wall – CHEYENNE confronts her nosy neighbor.
  10. It’s A Little Cold Out There – In comes Jake’s son Ryan from the cold.

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