Average Sized House Party

In this dark female monologue, ROSETTA tells someone that she claims to know how they are going to pass away and informs them further about how it takes place.

Rosetta: Are you sure you want me to do this because I’m really going to get deep inside your brain and you may not be in the mood?


Huh? You can just nod your head…okay.  Cool.

So, I know how you’re going to die.  I’m not a psychic or spiritual type but I have been given this information for some strange reason and I guess I’m here now to tell you about it…you gave me the nod so here goes…

You’re going to be at a party, not a big party, but an average sized house party…a small gathering of friends and it’s going to happen when everyone there is really chilled out and comfortable with one another…you’re going to be crossing from the kitchen to the living room and then you’re going to trip on a carpet…one of those rectangular carpets thrown over a wooden floor and when you trip you fall forward with such force that your head goes straight down with such gravitational pull and BAM your forehead crashes into the corner of a coffee table and that’s it, you get sort of pinned to it with the front of your face and the last thing you remember thinking is me telling you how you were gonna die.

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