Baby Whale

In Baby Whale, Catalina is a full-figured young lady who lives at home with her Mother and Grandmother.  She is an old soul and grew up with her one true friend Dan, who in more recent years has grown apart from her and has become more outgoing and daring in social groups.  Catalina has remained even more private and insecure because no one ever accepts her for who she is and she isn’t the most outgoing of people.  Dan has invited her to go out to a club the night before this monologue takes place.  This piece happens the morning after when her Grandmother talks to her in the kitchen wanting to know how her Granddaughter’s night went.

Catalina does not tell her Grandmother the truth of not going to the club because of her insecurities.  It had nothing to do with what she was wearing but she doesn’t want to upset her Grandmother with the truth.  Instead, when she was declined club entrance, she ran away crying after hearing the club promoter call her a baby whale. Her friend Dan tried stopping her and tried calling her but Catalina was too humiliated.  Everyone entered the club but her.  She went home alone in a cab.

CATALINA: —-because I didn’t dress right, yeah.  So it wasn’t the best of nights.  I didn’t get in cause I wasn’t wearing the proper clothing for the club we went to.  I thought I looked good but it wasn’t good enough according to their dress code…


…Something about my shirt and shoes…whatever, it’s okay Grandma.  It’s okay…


Everybody else got in.  They went in, I wasn’t, they weren’t my friends, only Dan was, Dan was the one that invited me so I didn’t want to stop anyone else from having a good time.  I just came back home.  Dan wanted to go somewhere else but I told him it was alright.  Everybody else was dressed fine, I should have found out what exactly the dress code was…it was one of those really expensive places.  Girls were wearing really expensive dresses Grandma, that’s all…next time, I’ll get in next time…

I’m gonna go upstairs and rest.  Really tired.  Thank you for helping me dress up last night, it was the best part of my night.

I love you, Grandma.

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