In this dramatic scene for 3 people, SANDRA calls her older brother MICKEY because she has found out she is pregnant by her boyfriend DEON.

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Mickey: You alright?  I got here as fast as I could.

Sandra: I’m not okay.

(Sandra starts crying)

Mickey: Why is my sister crying?

Deon: I think she wants to tell you but–

Sandra: No! I will tell him, not you.

Mickey: Tell me what?

Sandra: I’m pregnant.

Mickey: Okay…

(Mickey sits)

You both just found out?

Deon: Yeah.

Mickey: Nobody else knows.

Sandra: He told his dad!

Mickey: You spoke to your father about it?

Deon: I didn’t know what to do.  I’m freaking out.

Mickey: What did your father have to say?

Deon: He screamed me down on the phone….so…

(Deon gets choked up)

Mickey: Alright.  Take it easy.  You’re both upset and it’s okay.  This isn’t something that can’t be handled.

Sandra: What do you mean, handled?

Mickey: We can fix it.

Sandra: I don’t want to fix anything.  I want the baby.

Mickey: You want the baby?

Sandra: Yes!

Mickey: Deon, what do you want?

Deon: I’ll have the baby if she want to have the baby but…it’s tough.

Mickey: It’s tough?  You guys are only in your first year of college.

Deon: I know—

Sandra: So, I’m not going to kill my child.

Mickey: Sandra, this isn’t a good idea.  Listen, Deon, would you mind leaving Sandra and me alone for a minute.

(Deon stands)

Sandra: No, I want Deon to stay here—

Mickey: Don’t make me lose my Goddamn temper, right now, you have me by a thread.  Deon, take a walk and come back cause I want to talk to you too.

Deon: Okay.

(Deon leaves)

Mickey: …What are you doing?

Sandra: I want the baby.

Mickey: Listen to me for a second, Sandra.  Focus….what’s going on with you and this guy?  You met two months ago.

Sandra: We’re together.

Mickey: I realize that.  What’s the story?  He hasn’t even met the family.

Sandra: I love him.

Mickey: You are just starting your life.  It’s okay to have a boyfriend but what are you going on about having a baby?  How far along are you?

Sandra: One month.

Mickey:  One month.  Why do you have your heart set on having a baby?

Sandra: It’s not what I planned but it’s part of me and I won’t destroy it.

Mickey: Listen, you can do what you want but this is a life changing decision, one that will alter your whole life for the rest of your life.  Do you understand?  You haven’t even…you just started school, you’re in your first semester, you are in an amazing college and you have your entire life ahead of you.  Why do you want to cut it short?

Sandra: I’m not cutting it short, I’m adding to it.

Mickey: Adding to it? You know what you’re adding?  Waking up every hour on the hour all night.

Sandra: What if the baby sleeps through the night?

Mickey: Expenses over your head will be large.

Sandra: Deon has money.

Mickey: Doing what?

Sandra: He D.J.’s

Mickey: It’s a twenty-four hour responsibility.  You can say goodbye to your own life.  You can barely handle your own life right now let alone bringing a child into this world.

Sandra: You sound like Mom.

Mickey: You’re lucky I’m not Mom cause she’d break your ass right now.  She’d outright bury you somewhere.  You’re lucky I’m being nice cause I’m right behind her.  You better rethink this through.  Take the pill and move on with your life and be careful next time.

Sandra: It’s not that simple.  I can’t kill my baby.

Mickey: I’m not going to get into all the issues and political, moral, whatever you want to call is, PROBLEMS about right and wrong and pro choice and all that shit…I want you to give yourself a chance to think clearly, accurately and focus on what will be best for your own life…YOU, your life, not Deon’s life—

Sandra: What about the baby’s life?

Mickey: I can’t believe I’m having this conversation with you right now.  Where is your head at?

(Deon knocks on door)

Deon: Hey…

Mickey: That was some walk.  Get in here anyway. Both of you listen to me. You guys aren’t even established yourselves, you just met, let alone bringing a baby into the equation.  I want the two of you to really think about what you plan on doing next because both of your own lives are at stake here.  Now, if you decide to keep the baby, I will support you, so long as I know and feel that you both have thought it fully through.  Without exception.  I want you to slave over your decision until you are two-thousand percent sure that there is no other way you want to live your life then to take full responsibility of this baby with one hundred percent commitment and dedication.  And you have to get married, so think about that one too, think about your families, think about everything and don’t stop thinking about it until you can look me in the eyes, both of you and make me believe your decision.  You both understand me?

Deon/Sandra: Yes…yeah.

Mickey: Sandra, give Deon my number.  Deon, call me when you need to.  Let things cool down with your Pops and call him tomorrow or the day after and let him know you’re not jumping into anything.  I don’t know what your relationship is with your father but don’t create anymore fire then necessary, especially don’t let shit get back to Sandra’s family.  This stays between us.  You understand?

Deon: Yeah.


Mickey: Same thing happened to me.

Sandra: Are you serious?

Mickey: I was exactly your age.  Same exact thing.  Met this girl, was crazy about her, next thing we know she’s pregnant.  We both thought we wanted the baby, so we had the baby…kept it from family…no one knows this about me..because I was living in Florida, going to University.  (beat) Couple weeks later, well, 9 weeks…34 days exactly…in the middle of the night…I went to check on him…he wasn’t breathing…we rushed him to the hospital and he was pronounced dead by the Doctors.  Called sudden infant death syndrome…my son, was deprived of oxygen for so long that he became brain dead…so, before you think about having a baby…please, give it full thought, okay?

(Sandra hugs Mickey)

Sandra: What was his name?

Mickey: I don’t want to say right now…I’ll tell you another time.


Joseph Arnone


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