One Story

In the teen drama monologue ONE STORY, LORETTA discusses how annoying her Uncle is because he repeats the same story over and over again.  

LORETTA: How annoying is he? How many times is he going to repeat the same damn story? I’ve been hearing that story since I was like five. You think by now he would retire the damn thing. I must have heard that story fifty times and each time it is told the same exact way.

When I mean exact, I mean exact. The same punctuation, pauses, looks. The same way he always gives you the dead pan stare halfway through his speech, waiting for your reaction. It’s like playing out the same scene all these years.

You would think he has more than one story.  Nope.  Not my Uncle.  Just one.  Come to think of it, I don’t believe I ever hear my Uncle talk, except for that one story…

Joseph Arnone


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