Barrier 40

Barrier 40 is a post-apocalyptic war script.  Bot and aliens and humans all fighting against one another.  2 men, 1 woman.  Dramatic.

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Barrier 40

Wallace: It’s all crashing down on us…this heavy darkness.

Gene: Yes.

Wallace: I used to think my life was shit.  Days when I would want to be dead.  I look back on those days only to realize that I was better off.  Look at us now, what’s happened, what we’ve become.  There’s no going back.

Gene: Nothing to return…

Wallace: I wish I could go back to those worst of days, somehow, they seem to be days I could manage…things were alive.  Now, everything is cold and dark.  Nothing shines anymore, there’s no uplift.

Gene: Only acceptance.

Wallace: Only.

Gene: Pass me the tin?

(Wallace hands Gene the tin can of water)

Wallace: I think about her all the time.  Elizabeth.  She was a real true girl.  Stood for everything that I never was…honor, respect, love…I was never good enough, could never keep up with her level of integrity.


(explosion heard in the far distance)

Gene: They’re moving in.

Wallace: She had the most delicate eyes.  Didn’t matter if she was scolding me or loving me, her eyes were always gentle, kind…I spend so much time trying to remember what I used to try to forget.

Ruby: They broke past barrier 40.

Gene: We heard it.

Ruby: They’re coming up fast.

Wallace: Okay.  You get the word on 41?

Ruby: They are at 43?

Wallace: Mighty fast.

Ruby: Perhaps we should start making our way?

Wallace: Excuse me?

Ruby: What do you think we should do?

Wallace: Do what you want.

(Ruby looks at Gene, who gestures for her to leave)

Gene: Wallace—

Wallace: Gene, listen, I’ve reached my end.  You’re in charge.  I don’t want this anymore.  I’m staying on.  No more running.  It ends here.

Gene: You can’t be serious.

Wallace: Oh no?

(Wallace looks into Gene)

Gene: I don’t want to lead.

Wallace: Neither did I but I found a way.  Find yours.


Gene: I can’t do it.

(Wallace grabs Gene)

Wallace: Listen to me you spineless goat of a man.  Grow a pair and LEAD.  These people need you.

Gene: They need you!  Not me.  They look up to you.

Wallace: No one looks up to anyone.  It’s all charades and convenience.  There is never any real genuine truth.

Gene: What about Rooster?

(young boy they nicknamed Rooster because of his spiky hair)

Wallace:  What about Rooster…

Gene: That boy idolizes you, don’t he?

Wallace: I’ll talk with Rooster.

Gene: And say what?  You’re going to kill yourself against the bots?  That you’ve suddenly decided to go on a suicide mission?

Wallace: I’ve come to my end and for good reason.

Gene: What reason is that?

Wallace: Damn it, Gene, I’m slipping!  My mind is going.  Losing track of what’s concrete and what’s not.  I can’t think straight.  I hear things and see things and spend more time trying to decipher between what’s real and what isn’t.  (beat) I’ve reached my end…if I go any further it will be worse for the boy, worse for all of you…it’s an ugly road, I’ve seen it and now I feel it and I know.  I’m passing things over to you while I still can.

Gene: Why me?

Wallace: Because I respect you.  Now, go get me Rooster.  I’ll straighten things out with him.

(Gene gets up)

Gene, you never know…we all may come out of this thing yet.

(Gene nods and walks off)


Joseph Arnone


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