Be All, End All

In Be All End All, Seamus is fed up with his cousins “talky” shenanigans and voices his own opinion, while friends are gathered around camping grounds.

Seamus: You don’t know shit…you know why?  Cause I know shit.  I know.  You, you, you, you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Nothing more annoying and insulting then a person who spits out all what they think is knowledge and all their facts are wrong. I’ve listened to you talk about religion, about space, about the dinosaurs. You don’t have a clue.  You don’t know jack.

I can’t talk to this guy man  Look at him.  Look, look!  (burps) I can’t even go into it with you because you are so far gone. It’s one thing to have an opinion but when you push your views on someone else, like your perspective is the be all and end all view, it’s wrong.  I mean, come on, there are so many fairy tales out there man, who can believe anything.  This guy, hey, hey, hey, this guy right here, hey, this guy believed in Santa Claus until we were seventeen man.  How you going to believe in a fat man with a white beard and red suit at seventeen man?  How you gonna? Eh? Yeah.  You want to talk…

I’m not buying it and neither should anybody else here, Einstein.  Yeah, your Einstein without the brain man.

(he laughs)

That’s actually true.

Joseph Arnone


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