Be More Clear With Me

In Be More Clear With Me, KYLA opens up to her boss about their communication issues, only to get a disappointing surprise after doing so.

Kyla: You need to learn to be more clear with me, Susan.  I’m not saying what you ask me to do isn’t right.  I’m asking you to communicate better because when you give direction it always comes off quick and impersonal.

I find myself asking you to repeat yourself, which can be annoying to you and me because you aren’t clear enough the first time you tell me something.

Like on Monday, when you asked me to schedule out the next months calendar; you gave me a handwritten list that I couldn’t even read.  In fact, when I asked you what a few different words meant, you didn’t even know what it was you originally wrote.

Then when the calendar was scheduled you yelled at me because was wrong.  You put me in awkward situations like that and I can’t—

(her face drops)

Excuse me?  (beat) What?  (beat)  How can you fire me?  Oh.  This was something you’ve been meaning to discuss with me.  I see.  No, I, I had no idea really, I…I didn’t see that coming that’s for sure I, it’s okay.  Umm, why?  Can you tell me why you’re firing me?


The communication.  Right.  Right.  But that’s what I was just talking to you about—


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Joseph Arnone


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