Decisions, Decisions

FITCH is a bar owner who works his own bar counter most nights.  He shares a story about what took place only the night before in his establishment.

FITCH:  Paulie comes in here last night barking like a little Chihuahua about how all the ass in the bar vanished and its become a sausage fest.  He’s in here dissing my bar in front of my customers.  So, I tell him to go home.  He tells me to shut up—back and forth we go and the next thing I know, I’m jumping over the bar with a bat but this was after he kicked my bar counter and threw a stool at the wall mirror and by some miracle, the thing didn’t shatter.

When I jumped over the bar, bat in hand, he pulls out a gun.  So I freeze!  He fires four rounds into one of my flat screen t.v’s and runs out.  Cops come here cause the shots fired were reported and I said it was some crazy guy I ain’t never seen before come in and tried robbing the place.

What am I supposed to do?  Tell me.  I couldn’t tell the cops, I mean I could but I don’t want to do any of that…his father and me go way back and…(sighs) little prick.

Joseph Arnone


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