In this monologue, STEIN, a high profiled businessman accepts his defeat by a young up and comer.

STEIN:  It’s too late Tommy, we lost…we lost…he beat us in one stroke of genius because we didn’t know enough about our business.  We didn’t know enough and the kid who had nothing came up from behind and clobbered the shit out of us.  Didn’t he?

Hey, at least it was us he was clobbering.  We learned alot.  I’m just…I don’t know, I feel like I’ve been stung by a million bees but…for some reason, I’m disappointed, mad but not as much as as you think.  I just feel okay with it.  I’m okay with it.  I don’t have a choice do I?  (he laughs)  (sips his wine)  Yeah.  Yeah…I have to take into account the beating I took.  I’m going to heal.

This was it for me.  I accept my defeat and in a sick way, I’m glad it was by this kid…well, he’s not a kid but, I’m glad it was by a brilliant guy.  It’s made me realize I’m too old to see the game anymore.

It’s knocked me into my wake up call.

Joseph Arnone


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