Before It Gets Too Dark Out

Before It Gets Too Dark Out, SANDRA complains to her friend about how unorganized she is during their trip with friends overseas.

Sandra: This is a disaster.  I knew it.  I didn’t want you to come on this trip in the first place because I had a feeling you’d mess everything up.  And you did.  I can’t deal with you.

We are lost, we’ve missed our first flight, I’ve been robbed and my parents hate me right now!  You are a liar.  You said you had our hotels booked and you lied.  Now we are stranded and we can’t find Melissa and it’s because we trusted you this whole time when we shouldn’t have.

I can’t believe this is happening.  I should have listened to my gut.  I’m so stupid for listening to you.

We need to find Melissa and book a cheap hotel somewhere before it gets too dark outside.

Joseph Arnone


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