Behind My Back

In this drama monologue, SANDRA talks to her father about his actions and the wrongful deed he has done without being as honest as he could and should have been.

Sandra:  You should have told me. If you would have told me, I would have helped you.  You went behind my back and used my good name.

Why?  (slight pause.)  Don’t you think I would have found out sooner or later?  Do you even think for a second that I wouldn’t have been there for you?

You’ve changed.  You’ve become this fragile man and I—one direct blow from my voice could send you falling over.  What’s the point?  I know you are aware of your wrongs and I almost wish I could allow myself to lash out at you, to release all the anger I carry inside.

I am your daughter…how can you do this to me?

Joseph Arnone


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