Being Able To Die Without Regret

In the monologue, Being Able To Die Without Regret, Anton talks to the woman he loves about what she means to him and what he hopes to be for her.

ANTON:  I love it when you smile.  I always freeze inside myself because I’m so mesmerized by your smile.  Your smile is special but not special in the everyday sense of the phrase, ‘you have a beautiful smile’.

There’s more to it than that.  Your soul comes through your smile…I catch a glimpse of it and in that glimpse there’s an innocence, an open and wide innocence to life that is so captivating to me, that all I want to do is shield you from every bad thing I have ever heard or seen in this world.

I want to be the armor that surrounds your being at all times, in order for you to have free and uninterrupted passage to experience all that life has to offer…I never want to see your purity stained…if I can achieve that for you, then I will know that this average guy from the streets of New York mattered a little more, that maybe my life actually meant something because seeing your life shine was everything to me…if I have the strength to give you all that I have in me to give as a man, well, I think I could die without regret, knowing you smiled the whole way through.

Joseph Arnone


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