Best Interest

In Best Interest, MG talks to an associate about how he doesn’t really like the ‘putter-downer’ talk expressed in an indirect manner.

MG:  How can I explain this to you?  You have good intellect, you certainly are not stupid.  You go on like you are much smarter than you actually are and that right there is the issue.  You hold on to your intellect in fear of being called out as dumber than you are because it’s all you’ve got to hold on to. It’s like the only way you can hold on to any self-respect.  If a missile was sent to your brain and wiped you out, you would completely deflate.  It is because I see how weak minded you are that I refrain from exposing you.  I refrain because I have a heart.  (beat) I also find it funny when you get angry over things you apparently do not know.  This serves you as a secondary defense mechanism for your vulnerability.  I’m aware of it.

The point of me telling you any of this is because, although I haven’t fired any brain missiles your way, I wish to warn you that I can and I will, if pressed further.

Listen, I don’t want things to ever go there.  I don’t.  But understand you are playing with dynamite and don’t even know it…now, you know it.  Stop.  It’s in your best interest.

Joseph Arnone