Best of Intentions

In Best of Intentions, old female rivals from the same town bump into one another at a cafe and a mix of sarcasm ensues between them.

Charlotte: Oh, there you are…I feel so sorry for you.  I have heard all about your dilemma with your only daughter.  (sighs) Boy oh boy.  You’ve had the best of intentions for your daughter haven’t you?  To think she is even more worse off than you ever expected her to be.  So sad.  You mustn’t blame yourself for being a poor mother…really.  It all must have been due to the sort of upbringing you had.  I remember how you were raised.  So it isn’t your fault.

That’s what happens when you try to control someone else’s life when all you want is the absolute best for them, especially someone you care so much about and love.  To have them ripped from your heart.  I can only imagine.  Poor thing.  (sighs) It does come back to bite you in the ass, doesn’t it?  Pardon my french.

It’s no wonder she moved so far away from you dear.  That must have been hard on you.  Believe me, I understand.

All I can do is wish you well and wish your daughter well because deep down, she’s a good person.  So difficult.  You’re a tough woman so I am sure you are hanging in there for dear life.  Good luck.  Always.  Always, good luck for your kind.

(She smiles and walks away)

Joseph Arnone


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