Better Light

In Better Light, Catherine is put off by how her boyfriend speaks to her and in this monologue she stands up for herself.

Catherine:  You know everything, right?  I love how you dictate your genius to me like I’m some kind of moron.  You must think I’m a real moron, the way you talk down to me.

I’m not saying I disagree with you. All I’m saying is that when you speak to me in a derogatory manner, you make it extremely hard for me to listen to whatever advice or suggestions you’re trying to give me because you boil my blood with your indirect insults.

If you could take out the put downs and speak to me as if I actually have some kind of dignity, even if you pretend, then maybe I would be able to agree with you in a better light.

Doesn’t that make sense?  If you continue treating me as you do, talking down to me, I’m not going to be around much longer.  You understand?

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