Beyond Words

Beyond Words is a short dramatic monologue for a man.  Justin pulls his girlfriend aside and expresses more of his vulnerable side to her with an open heart.

Justin:  I’ve put myself aside these past few years because I believe in you and I want you to succeed.  I think it would pain me more to see you not fulfill your life’s promise, more so than my own.

You have an innocence about you, this naive way of looking at the world.  I used to have that but life has brought me through dark places but this isn’t about me, it’s about you.

I love you so much that all I want to do is keep life good for you, protect you from the dangers I know exist and give you what your soul needs.

I’ve never loved anybody more than myself.  Now I do.  You.  My life means nothing without you.

And now that things are going in the appropriate direction, all I can say is that I’m most proud of you.  You’re courageous, talented, intelligent, special and the most beautiful woman in the world.

Have I said too much?  (he smiles warmly)

I’ll always have your back.

(he kisses her gently)

Beyond words.

Joseph Arnone


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