Big Bad Wolf

In this monologue, AMORY talks plainly and confidently to someone who threatens his well being.

Amory: Do you think for one single moment that your tactics of bullying would strengthen your relationship with me?  (beat)  Not the wisest approach.

I’ve always wondered about people like you.  Where does the rationale come from when a person thinks that they can go about their day using specific words that will bend the morale of another human being?

I admit.  It does work.

I will say this, what do you do when you come across someone who does not give in to such bullying?  What do you do when the person you bully turns out to be the big bad wolf.  The same big bad wolf you’ve encountered in your sleep, when you are awakened in the middle of the night, shivering and thanking God it was only a dream…

Tell me, because I’d really like to know from you (whispering)… in such a case?

Joseph Arnone


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