Blind Assumption

In this drama monologue, JACOB talks to a friend about how he was accused of being a liar at his job and was fired for speaking the truth.

JACOB:  Nothing’s worse.  Nothing’s worse than being called a liar.  Tommy comes up to me and starts drilling me, literally questioning me for fifteen minutes at least, about how I’m not carrying my own weight.  Complaining to me about how I’m contradicting myself about how many bags of sand I singlehandedly piled up.  I always choose a distinct spot when I sand pile exactly because of this sort of thing.

In fact, I even went the extra mile last week and stacked up an extra ten bags to help pick up the slack from Marty, cause I know he’s got a bad back.  Turns out that I’m getting accused of not doing enough work, that I’m insufficient and LYING about how many bags I piled.

I took as much as I could take because I like Tommy but he really pushed my nerves; I gave him all kinds of chances and friendly warnings to take it easy and not get so mad over what he assumes.  Finally, he pushed me enough to where I let out my temper because I was sick of hearing his barking.  And now I lost my job.


That’s the problem, you say something to defend yourself, to defend your own integrity and you get canned like you didn’t even matter.  It’s not right.  Should’t have to eat shit to make a living.  people should have more respect and kindness for one another.

Joseph Arnone


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