Blind Ignorance

In dramatic monologue Blind Ignorance, V.C. WINTHROP talks to his son about running his ever expanding global business.

V.C. WINTHROP: I’m stuck but a decision must be made, Samuel.  You were never the one who was supposed to take over the reins.  Noah (his other deceased son) was the younger me in every sense of the word…

You are my son and I love you but I am skeptical of your capacity to take over and run things as I have.  This is not to say I think poorly of you or distrust you.  As I’ve said, you are my son and as my son you will work with me diligently…I will place you in troubling circumstances, dealing with men who would love to cut your throat if given the chance.  This is the way it is and the only way you can remove blind ignorance is by willingly allowing yourself to get tossed in the center of hungry wolves. You will have nothing to defend yourself but your own cunning.  This will decide your destiny.

If you have the courage to get bit, multiple times and survive, your wounds will heal into scars and hopefully your own talent will emerge.

Joseph Arnone


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