Blue Rock

In this teen scene, MAGGIE PIE is daydreaming when HECTOR joins her and his older brother WILLIS comes to get him.   1 Girl.  2 Boys.

Blue Rock

(Maggie Pie sits on top of a concrete wall overlooking the slums.  Hector comes in and sits beside her.  The sun is going down.)

Maggie Pie: Why you always in my space, Hector?  (beat) Can’t you go somewhere else?

Hector: I’m alright.

Maggie Pie: You didn’t bring your radio by any chance, did ya?

Hector: No..but, I got this?

(Hector shows Maggie Pie a blue rock)

Maggie Pie: What is that?

Hector: It’s a magic rock.

(He hands it to Maggie Pie)

You make a wish and whatever you wish for, comes true.

Maggie Pie: (sarcastic) I wish.

Hector: Yeah.  Make a wish.  But you have to do it like this…

(Hector takes the blue rock and cups it between his palms.  He closes his eyes and whispers.  He hands it back to Maggie Pie.)

Now you?

Maggie Pie: What did—did you just wish something just then?

Hector: Uh-huh.

Maggie Pie: What did you wish?

Hector: You can’t say the wish too loud cause then it won’t come true.

Maggie Pie: Alright.  How many wishes I get?

Hector: Infinity.

Maggie Pie: Really? This really must be a special rock.

Hector: Blue.  It’s a special blue rock.

Maggie Pie: Right.  Special blue rock.

(Maggie cups the rock between her palms, closees her eyes and whispers her wish.)

(She wipes a tear from the corner of her eye and hands the blue rock back to Hector.)

Hector: Your wish will come true, Maggie Pie.  It will come true.

Maggie Pie: (she smiles) As visible as you always are, you’re sweet.

Hector: I’m not candy.

Maggie Pie: Yes, you are, sweet like candy.

(Maggie Pie tickles Hector who laughs)

We should get going before it gets too dark and we need to be careful for that lose dog.  You hear about that?

Hector: Uh-huh.  It bit someone.

Maggie Pie: That’s right. We better head on in before it bites us.

Hector: Okay.  I will wish the dog won’t bite you.

Maggie Pie: But you’re not supposed to say your wish out-loud, remember?

Hector: It’s okay, don’t worry.  Just you and me know….for protection.  The blue rock will protect us.

Maggie Pie: Thank you, Hector.

Hector: You’re welcome.

Maggie Pie: Let’s head—

Willis: There you are you stupid sh’t, been looking all over for you!  Dad’s gonna have your ass!

(Willis grabs Hector by the shirt and stands him up)

Maggie Pie: Hey!  Let him go!  You can just tell him, you don’t need to grab ’em.

Willis: Be quiet Maggie Pie, this don’t concern you none.

Maggie Pie: You’re on my property so it does concern me and I said don’t put your hands on him.


(Willis stares at Maggie Pie defiantly but let’s Hector go.)

(Hector runs off)

Willis: (to Hector) Make sure you head straight to the house.  That damn dog is running wild!  (beat) (to Maggie Pie)  What are you doing?

Maggie Pie: Not important.  Stop bullying your little brother, doesn’t he have enough troubles.

Willis: He does but if I don’t shape him up my father will and that’s worse.

Maggie Pie: Why ya’ll so damn physical?  We hear shouting coming from your trailer some nights.

Willis: Just the way it is.  (beat) Best be going.

Maggie Pie: I didn’t mean to yell at ya, Willis.  Just don’t like it when…oh…forget it.

Willis: You call that yelling?

(Willis chuckles)

That was a soft serenade to what I know.  How come you haven’t been in school?

Maggie Pie: Haven’t been well.

Willis: What’s wrong with ya?

Maggie Pie: Nothing anybody needs to worry on.

Willis: Okay, I’ll leave you to it.

Maggie Pie: Right.

(Willis stares at Maggie Pie. He kisses her abruptly.)

Willis: Sorry.  I gotta get back. I didn’t—

Maggie Pie: Go.

(they exchange awkward looks before Willis jogs off)

…blue rock.


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