Born To Be A Troublemaker

In this monologue, PELLA confronts her cousin about the indirect comments she seems to make whenever the entire family gets together.

Pella:  Why are you such a troublemaker?  You know what I’m talking about.  Why do you make such stupid comments?  You do!  You make remarks that I let go by because I don’t want to engage with your stupidity and create drama but you really are starting to get on my nerves and I’m letting you know now.

You don’t think I would look you in the eye and call you out on it?  Well, I am and I’m telling you I’m aware of it and I don’t like it and if you want to get along with me then the best thing for you to do is either shut your face or speak nicely.

Don’t think I won’t come at you and embarrass you in front of everyone.  I can very easily play your game if I wanted to.  One more dumb comment and the gloves are off.

I’ve given you enough chances.  This is my only warning to you.  Now I’ll wait and see.

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