Boys’ Game

In Boys’ Game, Carla has taken over her Father’s business and has a talk with her staff after their united attempt at pushing her around.

CARLA:  This was a boys’ game, until I came along and tore you all a new one. Someone had to take over my Father’s business and it had to be me. I have no problem with any of you but some of you have made the previous mistake of thinking that I might be some kind of pushover…and you were met with something you didn’t like…you got, shocked.

I understand that you mistook me for a fool, you didn’t see it coming. But let us not mistake whose fault that was, it wasn’t mine, was it? It was yours. And only yours.

You pushed me to my limits and you got what you deserved. You didn’t think it was me to be the one to tell you those things, did you? And now, what do you do, you hold it against me, you let it breed inside of you, you let it turn into rage and whose fault is it? It’s your own. Look inside yourselves first.

Tomorrow, let’s get this business to work. If you want to talk the big talk, then stop your bitching around and bickering in the corners.  I’m not here to be liked nor am I here to be hated but it’s time to get some real work done.

Daniella Alma

Daniella Alma is a British actress from London, living in New York City. In addition, she is a guest writer and film producer for Monologue Blogger Films. Her latest work as an actress, can be seen in her most recent feature film “Being Dead”, as the role of Young Celice Adkins, alongside Elizabeth Marvel and Linus Roache.