Breathing Down My Neck

LOWDY talks to one of his ‘boys’…an undercover cop who is working a case but coming up short on on higher office demands.  This scene takes place in an office space with large windows.

Lowdy:  How can you have nothing?  (beat)  Days have turned into weeks, weeks have turned into months…(flips paper on his desk)  I don’t know John, I have Conklin breathing down my neck…I don’t have the wiggle room to buy you any more time.  Maybe a week, maybe two.  It’s gotten that bad, you understand?  You need to get me something, something solid we can go on or else the whole case goes bust.

(he walks over to a window – looking out)

(sighs) Neither of us want that…it’s all money nowadays, isn’t it?  Maybe it always was; just worse.  Where’s the justice…the real justice?


I know who you are, what you do…I know.  It’s why I want you to win.  Beat this pig face and get me some hard evidence.  It’s now or never.

Joseph Arnone


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