Brody At Dusk

BRODY, an African American man, has been arrested for the killing of Mrs. Averdale, a wealthy woman he works for tending to the farm land.  He sits in an interrogation room, questioned by the authorities.  He explains as best he can, what happened from his point of view.  He has a southern accent.

BRODY: …Nahm…me din’t hear a word…nahm sir….we wus jus, me and the dog that is…we wus just making a ruckus out in the back, by the Juniper trees is all…we heard the screamin’ come from inside the house an, an I ran to it…Boswell (the dog’s name) he pinned his earsz back like he do when he scared…he was sure scared an it made me scared to see him as scared as he wus…don’t think I ever seen him that scared, ever…

—I ran in the house and I found Mrs. Averdale sitting against the cabinets, under the sink—sitting, in a puddle of dark red blood—her neck—cut deep; hanging half off kind of an—well, I knew she was gone—Boswell, he kept outside; knew something wasn’t right—kept on whimpering, making beggin’ noises like he do for food when he hungry…I reckon I was shocked an—well, I took further steps in the house—I turned an I saw the front door swung open…I saw a white man, running up the hill, across the street—in the distance…the sun was real bright on ’em, like it was angry at ’em…

I went and took my hatchet and I rand after ’em, for a mile, two miles, three miles—reached the Decker Farm and took rest—heard footsteps splashing in the Pine Acre Woods…sounded like hurried feet…worked up my courage to keep going—caught another look at the man, same man, the white man—he be running hard; looked back and made eyes with me…

…Cops then came burning through before I entered the woods—arrested me—here, I sit before you—it’s what happened, sir.

…it’s what happened, sir…at dusk…


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