In Bromance, Tarrel is tired of his best friend being all hyper and bromance like.  In this monologue, he tells him what’s up with some real talk.

Tarrel:  Bro, too much man, too much Bromance.  Why you gotta be all touchy feely all the time b?  I mean, you just can’t ever be like, “What’s up?” with a nod and a bump?  You always gotta grab me.  No, listen bro, listen…you must not have had a lot of love from your Moms growin’ up or something or you ain’t gettin’ enough ass but like when we joke about, you don’t gotta be gettin’ so close to me and grabbing up on my shoulder g.  Ya know?  If I didn’t know you from grade school I’d a thing something was up.  Seriously dog.  You gotta ease up on the bromance yo.

Just the other day when we was at the mall with Kendra and Quanda you was there all happy and bouncing around like a jumpin’ jack, acting all stupid man and you was gettin’ me all nervous.  You need to chill!  CHILL!  Just chill!  You get all this hyped up energy man.

What about when we went to Great Adventure?  Ohhh man.  Bro, you was all over the place man.  Waiting on the queue with you was like—and then we get on the ride, the Kingda Ka and no matter how fast we goin or how high we goin, YOU STILL TALKIN!  I’m sayin’, we on the fastest, highest ride on Earth and we at the top and you there blabbing away, EVEN THEN!  I was like, “Yo, this dude be crazy.”  Ight?!  I got nothin’ but love for ya but you need to calm yo ass down.

Please, for somebody gets hurt up in here…

Joseph Arnone


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