Bull’s Arena

In Bull’s Arena, Mason talks to a man on the ground who is semi-conscious.  A quarrel took place inside a pub between Mason and another man.  

Mason:  Why do you want to start in with me my so called friend? Hmmm? Don’t come to the bulls’s arena and expect to win…even if I must fight you blind…it’s people like you who think they know what they know…your life is based on assumptions and misguided thoughts, my life is based on something quite different…I couldn’t even begin to explain it to you, nor do I wish to and nor would you be capable of it’s comprehension.

It’s sad to imagine your perception of me…one paints a picture of a very glib soul with nothing more to do than take someone else’s misery and put labels on it…mmmm….very frightening, indeed.  Wouldn’t you agree, friend?  If that were the case I may have even complimented you on your incredible genius and razor like vision of the truth…perhaps you fail in that department…it appears to be so, but one must never go just on appearances or else I would be in the same sinking ship as you, wouldn’t I?  Such unthinkable claims but even if they had merit, would certainly not be created out of air while sitting on one’s bum my good man or else everyone could do it.  No, no, let us not titter nor tatter on the issue any further.  You, in fact, are a yellow fool and I smile fondly on your ignorance.  I do thank you for this talk though…


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