…But When He Plays

In the 3 minute monologue But When He Plays, EZRA talks to her sister about the issues she has with her son’s creative calling.

EZRA: I don’t know what I’m gonna do with that kid. Kid! I say kid and he’s not a kid. He’s a grown man who doesn’t know where he’s going in life! I’m worried about him! My son, I can’t keep supporting his ass forever! The piano! Why the piano? Why does he want to be a pianist?


He makes nothing. He struggles all the time. I look in his eyes and I see his pain. I know my son! I know my son…he will never admit what he goes through. Never. He take after me that way…


Eh, what’s the use? What am I supposed to do? I want to see him have a wife and kids and a home. I want my son to own a home…something. He is such a handsome man, he can have any woman he wants…any woman.

…But when he plays…when he touches the keys to that piano—there’s, something I can’t reach but still connect with…I watch him, and it’s like watching a white light glisten—this expression comes over my son’s face, just like I would imagine an angel’s face…I can feel what he is saying when he presses down with his fingertips and maybe it’s because he’s my son, I don’t know but I really do believe he has a gift. He amazes me and I know, I know that he is living his life out for his purpose, for what he believes in and lives by…he’s different…he’s not like my other kids and I do not love them any less but something about my Dustin is special.

Not only with me but I see how he affects other people that watch him when he performs. This is why I help him because I know he stands for something and I don’t want him to ever quit…as much as I struggle with what he does, I admire it and I would be lying to you if I didn’t say I am also thankful that he is who he is…

I just go through these rare moments. It’s hard for a mother to watch her child struggle. But, I will always defend and support what he does because of my own dreams…but more importantly, because I believe in what he is doing…

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