Buying Your Own Hype

In Buying Your Own Hype, Karen tells her cousin that she needs to stop being addicted to promoting a false social media life and instead find truth.

KAREN:  We are running late to get to the restaurant.  (beat)

What’s wrong with you?  Why do you care so much about what other people think?  You spend forty-five minutes fixing your hair, so you can take a selfie for Instagram and people will think you’re cool.

How stupid is that?

I’ve watched you take the same photo over and over again because the angle of your nose was off.  Your nose doesn’t look big, it’s in your mind and nobody cares.  Honestly, nobody really gives a damn about your nose.

When you add up all the time you spend trying to look perfect, as if your life is dandy and you’re doing it for cheap thrills that depend on the amount of likes you get…you have to rethink your life.

Who cares if you get one like or forty-seven?  Is it going to change your life?  Is it really going to matter that much to your day?

Maybe it will make you feel good about yourself for a minute or two and then what?  What comes next?  Another photo?  Another video of you smiling with a view behind you or up at the club with friends?

(sarcastic)  Woo-hoo!  My life is awesome!

Stupid!  Learn to live in the moment instead.  That’s why I don’t waste my time with all of that nonsense.  I don’t have time to project a false existence.  What you see is what you get.  Love me or hate me cause I can really give a shit either way.

You need to wake up and start being real.  Stop buying your own hype and put something meaningful into the world instead.

And besides, we’re late now to get to the restaurant where we should actually be living life and having a good time.

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