Caged Monkeys

In the drama monologue Caged Monkeys, Darion encounters a racist remark and confronts the man who spoke out.  Darion handles the situation by taking the higher road and being a gentleman in proving his point.  

DARION: Excuse me, sir?  Can we speak for a moment?  …Privately, if you don’t mind…Thanks


I’m not trying to cause trouble but I wanted to let you know that I heard what you said.  I heard what you and your friends said.  I heard you call me and my party, caged monkeys.  Now look, look, look, I’m not getting hostile or anything like that.  I just wanted to talk to you, man to man, person to person and I wanted to ask you, WHY?  Why?  Why would you say that?


Oh, I see, because we were laughing and having a good time.  For you, it was obnoxious, eh? Okay.  I see.  Well, I’m going to tell you that I’m sorry if my group and I were too loud for your tastes but I am also going to add that if we came off as overbearing to you and the company you are with, all you needed to do was mention it to us, in a polite manner and we would have responded with the same respect.

To go and call us caged monkeys wasn’t right but I’m not mad.  I’m just pointing out the facts.  …I’m pointing out the truth…




Thank you.  You have a good evening, sir.

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