Can I Tell You Something?

Monologue Description: Jasmine confronts her best friend revealing to her how much she doesn’t like her boyfriend.

JASMINE:  Can I just tell you something?  You know I’m not one to use profanity, in fact I hate curse words but I really, really, really think that your boyfriend is the most obnoxious human being I ever met in all my life.  He is, without question, the dumbest, most annoying, rude, inconsiderate little boy I have ever come into contact with.  I can’t stand him and I’m sorry that I’m telling you this but if I don’t tell you what I think and feel than I’d be making our friendship a lie.

I was on the bus today and saw him sitting by himself and there was a seat available next to him.  I walked over to it and went to sit down but then he exclaimed, “That seats taken”.  And just as he said it, he put his book bag on the seat, so I couldn’t sit there.  Then he gave me this sarcastic grin and turned up the music on his ipod.

I stood there feeling like a complete fool.  Why do you date him? He should be nice to me regardless of the fact that I am your best friend.  He is so cold hearted and has no manners whatsoever.

Please, break up with him.  Don’t be one of those girls that date bad boys because that’s nothing but trouble and there’s nothing cool about it at all.  You really need to rethink what you are doing with that guy because he’s no good for you and you deserve much better.

Joseph Arnone

Joseph Arnone is the founder and creative director of Monologue Blogger. He also makes films and theatre projects.