Can Movie Romance Really Happen For Me?

Iris has reached the pinnacle of her career but she questions what comes next in her life.  Is it marriage and children?  She isn’t so certain.

Iris: I did it.  Now that I’ve done it, I’m not so sure what to do next.  It’s taken me years, so many years, it’s all I ever thought about and now here I am.

I never thought about what to do next.  I never considered what comes after.  (beat)  Do I get married now?  Do I have kids?  Is the whole settle down mentality supposed to overcome me?

I don’t know.  I don’t feel as though that’s the right step for me but what if there’s something wrong with me.  I mean, shouldn’t I want to settle down at some point?

The thought of taking it easy and making time for others is horrifying to me.  I’m sorry, I know that sounds terrible.  Maybe I’m just too selfish.


I do want kids.  I think I want marriage.  Maybe that’s the trouble right there.  I’d like to have children but I’m not so sure I want a husband.  Not a husband to rely on cause I’m self-sufficient but a husband to be in love with.

I want to be in love, like, movie romance love.  Is that all a myth?  Can movie romance really happen for me?

Whoever he will be, if he does even exist, really has to blow me away…enough to where nothing else in my own personal life could possibly matter because I have him beating in my heart.

Am I cheesy?  Well, I think that’s the only way for me.

I think that’s when I’ll settle down and wish to start a family.

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