Candy is a free drama script that takes place between 2 men (Father/Son) about the usage and dealing of drugs.  2 men.  Drama.

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Father: Let’s sit down.

Both men sit.

How long have you been doing this?
Son: A few months but then I stopped.
Father: Did you?
Son: Yeah. I just never took anything out of my car.
Father: I work hard. I work really hard.
Son: I know, I know Dad.
Father: Do you?

Son nods.

When I was your age I was worse. I was. If I act all innocent I’d be lying to you. I got into some trouble, way back. I was a little older than you. I was dealing…corporate guys in the city. I was doing well and promised myself I wasn’t going to do it for long. I wanted just enough to invest my money into a better life. That was it. I got greedy. When I reached my goal, it seemed so easy, I figured why not keep going just a little more and more time passed and I kept convincing myself to go a little more, a little more, until finally, I got caught.
Son: How?
Father: My best friend.
Son: Jeremy?
Father: He turned out to be a great friend but at the time, I wanted to kill him. I ended up spending all the money I had earned on lawyers, to keep myself from going to jail.
Son: No shit.
Father: I was wiped clean and even had to borrow money. So I was in debt. If it weren’t for Jeremy, I think my life would have gone nowhere. Tough time. When I look at you I see myself. I see a young, edgy kid who has something to prove. I learned my lesson but I don’t know about you…I don’t know when you will learn yours. You see, you’ve been given a chance here. You’ve gotten caught and now it’s up to you what you’re going to do about it. You can get better at dealing…you can get really good at it, make a ton of cash…you could go to jail or you can get yourself killed. Or, you can fix yourself up today with me and you can start the next chapter in your life. I’m telling you the facts, but the choice is only yours. You get to choose your own life, just like I have and you’re my son, I will love you no matter what but don’t expect me to be in your life anymore if you don’t make the right choice. That goes for your mother, your sisters, your brothers…the entire family. Gone. Your decision is made right now. What’s it going to be?
Son: I want to get out of this mess.
Father: You can. You will. But what about tomorrow?
Son: I want to start new.

Father lights a smoke.

Father: New? You can’t start new. What you can do, is start different. Take what you’ve learned from life so far and use it to your advantage to carve out a life worth having. Is that what you want?
Son: Yeah.
Father: Okay.
Son: I do. I thought…I messed up. I don’t…want to be in this shit anymore, my life, this shit!  I hate it!
Father: Right.
Son: I don’t want to let you guys down but I hate myself even more now! I really just hate myself.
Father: Good. That’s good for you. It’s healthy. Let that hate, that anger grow inside of you until it becomes constructive. You have all this power in you and now the fuse is lit. The direction you want your flame to go in, is all yours for the taking.
Son: I’m such a loser. Really, I am, I am…
Father: Everybody starts somewhere.

They both laugh.  Father hands son his cigarette.  Son takes it and smokes.

I was worse off than you. I did okay. I have a group of children I’m crazy about. Not really children anymore but you know what I mean.  My family…If anything ever happened to you Brian, I’d die. You hear me? I would simply die.

Son and father hug.

Alright. Don’t repeat what I told you. Ever. About the drugs.
Son: I won’t. I won’t.
Father: Good.  That’s between you and me only.  That’s our story, you follow?
Son: Yes…
Father: Some men don’t get second chances…

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