Care For My Child

Brenda has a make or break confrontation with her Boss when she phones in to tell him she can’t work because she must care for her sick daughter.

(on the phone as she stares at her daughter resting)

BRENDA:  Hello Max?  Max hi, it’s Brenda…listen, I don’t even know how to—What?!  Wait, let me explain!  LET ME EXPLAIN!!!  Max please, it’s my daughter.  She is sick with the flu!  What do you mean?  Hey, it’s my daughter, I have to care for her!


I know I’ve been on thin ice Max but this is something that is out of my control.  I CAN’T get a babysitter.  My mother is sick in the hospital, you know this.  I don’t have anyone else to call.

Nothing you can do for me?  Come on Max, please, please don’t fire me.  Between my mother being ill, I’m going through a divorce and my  daughter is ill—What would you have me do?

I AM COMMITTED TO THE COMPANY, DAMN IT!  Are you committed to your employees?!  I’ve worked for you for over ten years.  I’m a great worker.  I didn’t plan on having my mother hospitalized and I didn’t plan on going through this wonderful divorce and I certainly didn’t plan on having a boss who is cold hearted and bitter and who can’t understand the needs of human beings.

Times are tough right now Max.  I promise you…just let me care for my daughter today…I will make arrangements for her.  As long as I know my baby is okay, I will be in the office.

Look, I know about the big presentation today! Don’t you think I know that?  I’ve worked MONTHS but I can’t leave my daughter.  I’m so sorry.

Joseph Arnone