Catch The Window While It’s Slightly Open

Warren gives everything he can to his brother to convince him that he should try to have better communication with their father.

Warren:  Do you realize what you are doing?  Do you?  Every time you make up an excuse as to why you can’t spend time with him, he gets low.  So low, that I caught him going to the liquor store.  Yeah.  I happened to be walking along the avenue and I saw him go into the liquor shop.  So I went in, too.

You know what I saw?

I saw our father standing in front of a stack of shelves fighting his demons.  He was staring at all those glistening bottles, licking his lips and getting flushed in his cheeks, sweat on his brow…I thought he was gonna do it.  His hand went up to one of the dark red bottles of wine that he loves so much and it began to quiver.  The quivering snapped him out of it and he bolted out of the store.

That’s our father and that’s because of you.

Shut up before you say anything and listen to me square.  We both know he’s screwed up.  I have the same damn scars as you.  Your scars are my scars and vice versa.  Right?  Well, damn it, I’m trying to tell you something now Will…the man is trying.  You can’t deny that.  He is trying hard as I’ve ever seen a man try before at anything.

He needs your support.  He needs my support…it’s what Mama would have asked us to do and deep down it’s what your own heart wants to do.

Remove your pride.  Let your ego go.  Push it down.  Do you hear what I’m saying?  Will…it won’t erase what was done, everything we went through but it will give us something back…maybe, something we both wish we had, something we can still take with us when he’s gone…cause, he’s gonna go one day and what will be left?

I’m not saying to be his best friend and all…I’m only saying that if you give the guy at least an inch, you’ll feel better about things that much more.

For your own person, for you and who you are inside, see the guy.  Go see him.  Give him a call…anything.

He may go back to his old ways, I mean, this is our Dad we’re talking about, it’s most certainly a given but catch the window while it’s slightly open.

Joseph Arnone


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