Catch You On The Flip Side

In this monologue, MANNY calls up his last hope, a friend who can maybe help him out of a jam he currently finds himself in while staying at a shelter.

(into phone)

Manny: Hey, hey Ron, it’s, it’s Manny.  Hey, hey man, ummm, I’m no longer living with my brother and I, I’m staying at a shelter, it’s pretty nasty over here but I’m still working at my job and this is my new phone so you can reach me and uh, yeah, I’m off all day tomorrow if you wanna give me a call back and stuff, I’m ah, I’ll be around…just shutting my phone off now cause I—my battery is running low and I lost my charger so, in case you call me back just leave a voice message cause I’ll check it at some point and maybe we can meet up and…yeah…I’ll, catch you on the flip side.  Peace.

Joseph Arnone


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