Cathy, I Need To Talk To You

In the drama monologue, Cathy I Need To Talk To You, Andrea delivers a quick jab to her roommate about the disturbances she keeps causing.

Andrea:  Cathy, I need to talk to you.

Look, you know I don’t care if you have your boyfriend coming over and chilling out but when you guys are making noises throughout the night, like all night and I have class mad early in the morning, it’s not a good look.

We need to work it out cause I have a ton of studying going on, tests, reports and I’m already barely getting any sleep as it is and hearing the two of you all night long is way, way too much.

And, you know, the kitchen was left upside down and I’m definitely not the cleanest person alive but I literally could not even step foot in our tiny ass kitchen without stepping on or over something

I can’t even get into it cause I have to leave but you really need to respect the fact that you do have a roommate and that roommate is me.

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