In this drama monologue, GREGORY talks to his girlfriend about his own peculiar challenge when it comes to fulfilling personal goals.

GREGORY:  There’s a haunting I feel, in my core that circulates around the idea of not living up to my full potential…

When I was a boy, I was involved in an accident…a small accident with significant impact.  I climbed high up on this tree and was sitting comfortably on a thick branch when I was pushed and fell backwards all the way down, landing on my head amongst the grass, dirt and rock.  There was a shift.  My brain felt disconnected from its stem…I couldn’t hear and when I opened my eyes the world kept zooming in and out like a camera.

To this day, I feel like I’ve been recovering from damage ever since. I can still do all the things I wish to do but I need to work twice as hard in order to do what should come more natural.

Am I making sense?


Since that day as a kid, I’ve always felt an extra burden with my concentration.

Joseph Arnone


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