Chasing Butterflies Against The Wind

Chasing Butterflies Against The Wind is about those days when you feel you need to make the world a better place for the benefit of all life.

JAX: If I can go a bit further out…not so far as to where I’ll hang myself but far enough, you see, just far enough to capture a few more butterflies…that’s all I care about, capturing enough butterflies to release them into the world, so they can help someone in need, grab their attention, SHAKE ‘EM UP and whisper soft melodies that will slow the ticking clock down and gently laugh in death’s face.

That’s all any of this is for me…it’s about feelings because I believe that through feelings we can all come closer together, we can all embrace our differences and recognize that we all wish upon stars.

I’m all too aware of the fact that in this day and age, in this world I breathe in, I can be viewed as a romantic but am I?  Am I?  I don’t think I’m being romantic about any of it.  I believe in it, all of it, wholeheartedly, with my soul…

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