Chasing, Jeremy

In Chasing Jeremy, Kimberly tells her Aunt about what took play earlier in the day with the boy she likes at school.  Drama.

(she sighs)

KIMBERLY:  I think I’m in love.  I am, I am in love.  Oh Jeremy, Jeremy, where art thou Jeremy?

Today was the greatest day of my life!  During lunch, in the cafeteria, I was on line waiting to buy my sandwich.  Jeremy was in front of me the whole time!

When it came time for him to pay Mrs. Mullen, the cashier, he didn’t have enough money.  He was short a whole dollar.

I watched him turn beat red in the face and I felt so bad for him, as he kept checking his pockets for money.  He didn’t have any more money, so I offered him, well, I gave him a dollar.  I had an extra dollar.

(she smiles)

I couldn’t believe that I had enough guts to speak to him!

(she chuckles wildly)

And this was the first time he ever looked at me.  He said “thanks” and took my dollar from me and asked me my name!  And he said, “Thanks, Kimberly.”   He said my name…

(she sighs)

Greatest day of my life!

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