Check The Dates, Make The Calls

A short serio-comedy monologue for a male character who is the nervous type.  He talks to his wife in their living room while getting his thoughts in order for their plan of action for rearranging their trip.

Rudy: The hotel…we cancelled the hot—the car!  Shit, we can’t forget to call up the car people and take care of—there’s the, the, the what’s it, the ah, the other hotel…we have to call them and also the airlines.  The airlines we call first but we should look at the calendar to check dates and go over some things.

When do I get paid?  (beat) Right, right. Okay, so we will have the money to–that week, we’ll be covered, so, YEAH, we’re good.

Let’s check the dates, make the calls and I’ll, I’ll start unpacking the luggage.  Shit.

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